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BES/Ford 2v PI

BES Racing Engines now offers complete cylinder head packages. Why buy a set of heads with the wrong parts when we can build you a custom ported set of heads complete, ready to bolt on with the right parts. We can also supply you with a matching camshaft and intake. No more guess work. Our combinations are proven. From mild street to serious bracket racer, we have a combination for you.

BES / Ford 2V PI Price

Ported stock Ford 2V PI castings. Includes:

  • Labor
  • Full CNC Porting
  • Valve Job and Surfacing

* Must Supply Your Own Cores *

We can customize these specifications and components to your application, just give us a call at 812-576-2371

Starting @ $1,150.00

Please call 812-576-2371 for details ask for Preston.

BES / Ford 2v PI Heads - Flow Numbers
  Intake Exhaust
.100  48
.200  105  93
.300  150  134
.400  189  164
.500  207  175
.550  213  178
.600  220  180
.650  222  182
.700  224  185
Intake Valve Dia.  1.780
Exhaust Valve Dia.  1.450
BES does not build winning combinations based on flow numbers, but, everyone asks for them as a baseline, and that is why we are posting them. Flow numbers will vary from bench to bench.

We have many programs for a huge selection of domestic cylinder heads. If you don't see what you are looking for on the website, give us a call at (812)-576-2371.