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TFS A460 Cylinder Heads

BES / TFS A460 Heads: Price

One of the best bolt-on BBF heads on the market. This head works well on about anything, including nitrous and we offer programs from a pump gas 500 inch street engine, all the way up to a 600 inch pulling truck, to a 500 inch X275 nitrous motor. 

Complete heads are shipped with either Victory titanium or Manley stainless valves, Manley titanium retainers, Manley hardened locks and spring locators, and either PSI or PAC springs with PC seals.

For a max effort or class engines we have better flowing programs. Call for details: (812)-576-2371

We can customize these specifications and components to your application, just give us a call at 812-576-2371

Starting @ $5,100.00 with stainless valves and steel seats 

Call 812-576-2371 for details ask for Preston.

BES / TFS A460 Heads - Flow Numbers
  Intake Exhaust
.200  164  123
.300  268  172
.400  344  218
.500  403  267
.600  450  311
.700  475  338
.800  485  354
.900  491  367
1.000  501  375
Intake Valve Dia.  
Exhaust Valve Dia.  
Intake Port Volume  
Combustion Chamber CC  84cc
BES does not build winning combinations based on flow numbers, but, everyone asks for them as a baseline, and that is why we are posting them. Flow numbers will vary from bench to bench.

We have many programs for a huge selection of domestic cylinder heads. If you don't see what you are looking for on the website, give us a call at (812)-576-2371.