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BES Victor Glidden Cylinder Head

BES / TFS SBC 18° Heads: Price

This is a great head for both drag racing and circle track. Our drag race version is designed with good power numbers that the drag racers want while our circle track version is designed for the different tracks to allow the driver to accelerate off the corners and down the stretch.

  • NOS soft chamber available:
    • $350 if heads are bare
    • Charges will be added if we have to disassemble your heads

Starting @ $3,950.00

Call 812-576-2371 for details.

BES / TFS SBC 18° Heads - Flow Numbers
  Intake Exhaust
.200  129  108
.300  197  150
.400  258  182
.500  302  208
.600  336  224
.700  358  235
.800  364  240
Intake Valve Dia.  2.150
Exhaust Valve Dia.  1.600
Intake Port Volume  258cc
Combustion Chamber CC  56cc
BES does not build winning combinations based on flow numbers, but, everyone asks for them as a baseline, and that is why we are posting them. Flow numbers will vary from bench to bench.

We have many programs for a huge selection of domestic cylinder heads. If you don't see what you are looking for on the website, give us a call at (812)-576-2371.


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