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632 CID BES Quick ET Special Crate Motors

1180 HP - 935 ft. lbs. Torque

Starting @ $20,950.00.

632 CID BES Quick ET Special Crate Motors 632 CID BES Quick ET Special Crate Motors

Our 632's are based on real world horsepower numbers, not overinflated Dyno numbers. Our motors are hand-assembled, just like all of our Class motors, not "Assembly Line" motors like other engine builders. We use parts that offer the best bang for the buck.

We start with Dart Big M or World Merlin III blocks that are completely machined and blueprinted. We then use a Lunati or Callies Crankshaft, GRP aluminum Connecting Rods, Ross Custom Pistons, Akerly & Childs Rings, King Performance Bearings, Smith Brothers Pushrods, Jesel Rocker Arms and Belt Drive, Comp Cams Roller Camshaft and Crane Lifters, Pro-Filer or Dart Spread Port Heads, Moroso Oil Pan, Titan Oil Pump, Moroso Vacuum Pump, and a Meziere Water Pump.

All motors are delivered Dynoed with a fresh oil change and EVERYTHING checked over. Please call us for any upgrades and exact pricing.

BES 632 Crate Engines starts with:

Starting @ $20,950.00.
Please call with any questions 812-576-2371.

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